Internet Service Disclosure

Network Management Practices


NeboNet does not block or otherwise prevent end user access to lawful content, applications, services, or non-harmful devices, except as detailed in Security below.


NeboNet does not degrade or impair access to lawful internet traffic on the basis of content, application, service, user, or use of non-harmful devices. At times, NeboNet may throttle traffic as described in Congestion Management below.

Affiliated Prioritization

NeboNet does not directly or indirectly favor some traffic over other traffic to benefit an affiliate.

NeboNet does not directly or indirectly favors some traffic over other traffic in exchange for consideration, monetary or otherwise.

Congestion Management

NeboNet continually increases network capacity as needs are identified. If congestion does occur, it is usually between the hours of 7:00 pm and 11:00 pm. To minimize the impact of congestion, NeboNet may reduce a customer’s maximum throughput for all traffic by 25% for customers continuously utilizing more than 90% of their maximum throughput for two hours, and every two hours thereafter. Maximum throughput will be automatically restored once customers average utilization drops below 25% of their maximum throughput for two hours.

Application-Specific Behavior

NeboNet does not block or rate-control specific protocols or protocol ports, modify protocol fields in ways not prescribed by the protocol standard, or otherwise inhibit or favor certain applications or classes of applications, except as detailed in Security below.

Device Attachment Rules

NeboNet allows customers to attach any device to the subscriber unit NeboNet provides customer, provided the device supports the necessary interfaces, protocols and standards to provision service. MAC address of connected device must be provided to NeboNet for service provisioning when provided subscriber unit does not support automatic provisioning.


NeboNet may block traffic from network hosts engaging in harmful activities, including but not limited to network hosts belonging to botnets, distributing viruses, or engaging in denial of service attacks. In addition, NeboNet blocks outbound traffic on TCP port 25, and UDP port 1900.

Performance Characteristics

Service Description

NeboNet internet access service is provisioned via a fixed wireless system, and is suitable for real-time applications. Expected speed of service is determined by the service plan provisioned. Expected latency is less than 100 milliseconds for most connections. Actual speed is typically within 10% of plan provisioned. Actual latency is typically less than 100 milliseconds.

Impact of Non-Broadband Internet Access Service Data Services

NeboNet does not provide non-broadband internet access services.

Commercial Terms


NeboNet’s pricing is available at

Privacy Policies

NeboNet does not inspect, store, or provide to third parties internet traffic except as necessary to provide internet access service, perform reasonable network management, or as required by law.

Redress Options

If you have questions or concerns regarding your internet access service, please contact us to discuss them.