NeboNet is now part of the CentraCom family.

We appreciate the years of loyalty from all our customers.

We anticipate this change to increase the quality of service and provide a better Internet experience for everyone.

You will be receiving a welcome letter from CentraCom via either email or snail mail.

CentraCom will begin billing customers starting May 1st.

If you have a credit with NeboNet, you will be receiving a refund. Expect this refund in the mail by the 10th of May.

If you owe NeboNet you will need to pay the balance by May 15th or be sent to collections.

If you need to talk to CentraCom today, you may call 1-800-427-8449.

If you need to contact NeboNet you may send an email to

Thank you again for your years of support.

Jc, Omni, Jacquie, Keven, Char, Tiff, and Heather